Human-like bear Pedals shot, killed by hunter

  • 17/10/2016
Pedals the black bear
Pedals the black bear

When a bow-and-arrow bear hunt in New Jersey was brought back after 40 years there was plenty of controversy.

But that was nothing compared to the reaction after the hunt claimed the life of a much-loved black bear named Pedals, which was known for walking upright.

Pedals first became an internet sensation two years ago, after he was spotted wandering, almost human-like, through northern New Jersey neighbourhoods.

He had injuries to his paws, so wildlife experts believed he spent very little time on all fours.

Pedals was often captured on camera, but animal rights activists say a more violent shot likely ended his life - one with a bow and arrow during last week's Black Bear Hunt.

Chris Fox often saw him in the neighbourhood.

"Horrible - every time I think about it it makes me sick to my stomach. It's horrible," he said.

"Because he's an innocent bear minding his own business, just searching for food. Never got into trouble, never harmed anybody - and you have this idiot who tracked him to hunt him, to kill him."

People also expressed their outrage on a Facebook page dedicated to Pedals.

"This is just cruel. Someone hunting a handicapped bear that people enjoyed seeing! What is wrong with people?" Debbie Mitchell wrote.

Some are making death threats against whoever may have killed the bear.

New Jersey fish and wildlife officials say they may never be able to make a positive identification on the bear believed to be Pedals, because he had never been tagged by the agency,

A petition to stop the New Jersey Black Bear Hunt now has more than 24,000 signatures.

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