In Syria's war, one-month-old girl pulled from rubble

  • 01/10/2016
In Syria's war, one-month-old girl pulled from rubble

Even here, a world away from Syria, it's hard not to be overcome by emotion at the sight of innocent people caught up in the war.

So it's no wonder a member of a civilian volunteer force - rescuers on the frontlines of the carnage - broke down as he clutched an infant just pulled from the rubble.

In the gathering gloom of another bloody day in Syria, a crowd was at the site of yet another airstrike. Somehow, amid so much death, a baby girl was found alive - a tiny miracle amid such despair.

The tears as they raced to hospital came not just from the infant but also from the man who found her.

Syria's war has sunk to such levels of depravity this week many have reached breaking point.

"We have been working for two or three hours to free her," said her rescuers. "She's just a month old."

Carefully they wiped the dust from her face. It's difficult to imagine a more innocent victim of war.

But the rescuers' tears weren't just for her; they are the culmination of five years of stress, death and hopelessness. For the white helmet rescuers, there is no day off, no escape. Another rescuer at the scene told ITV News the baby had lost five members of her family.

They rushed into the hospital, which is short of supplies and doctors, but not of patients. Somehow she seemed to have escaped major injury, but even hospitals aren't safe from the bombs. And what of her future? A month old and now an orphan.

ITV News