LA restaurant shootout leaves 3 dead, 12 wounded

  • 16/10/2016
Scene of mass shooting at South Rimpau Boulevard in South Los Angeles
Scene of mass shooting at South Rimpau Boulevard in South Los Angeles

Authorities say a shooting in South Los Angeles has left three people dead and 12 others injured overnight.

Police say the incident unfolded at a home that had been converted into a restaurant that appeared to be crowded for a celebration when the mass shooting took place.

It was first reported around 12:30am Saturday (local time) in the 2900 block of South Rimpau Boulevard.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department says officers have found evidence at the scene, including multiple shell casings and possibly one of the guns used in the shooting.

First responders who arrived on scene say they found three men dead, with 12 others - both men and women - shot and wounded.

"I'm actually shocked to hear this, around this area because we don't really have any problems with anybody. Everyone knows everyone and we're all pretty much like family so to hear that, it's pretty much shocking and I can't believe that it literally just happened just a few doors down from my house," says Trason Leslie, a neighbour.

The LAPD says they have taken one person of interest, described as a woman, in custody. They are looking for at least two more suspects.

Police were working to determine whether the suspects were among those transported to area hospitals.

An investigation was underway and is expected to be lengthy.