Live updates: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton

Live updates: Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton

3:40 It's all over folks. Clinton wins by some margin IMO. I'll have a full breakdown up in a couple of hours. 

3:39 Trump's closing statement: "Make America great again. Illegal immigrants are better looked after than our military."

3:36 Closing statements: Clinton "You will have good jobs with rising incomes. I hope you will give me a chance."

3:33 Trump quip to Clinton: "Such a nasty woman"... that's nasty. "You're husband disagrees with you."

3:31 On healthcare: Trump would repeal and replace Obamacare. "It's a disaster" (We've been here before)

3:29 Clinton says Trump has been criticizing US governments since the Ronald Reagan era. (He has)

3:26 New topic: Tackling the national debt. Trump's response "I'm going to create millions of jobs. We'll make our products here."

3:25 Trump says Russia want a piece of Syria. 

3:22 Trump says US immigrants from Syria are definitely aligned with IS.

3:20 Aleppo/Syria on the table now. Trump says Aleppo has fallen (It hasn't), blames the situation in Syria on Clinton.

3:17 Trump says Iran is taking over Iraq.

3:15 Trump blames the fall of major Iraqi city Mosul to IS on Clinton. He doesn't answer Wallace's question on whether or not he would put US troops in Iraq.

3:13 New topic: Foreign hotspots. Clinton will not put US soldiers into Iraq. She will support the fight against IS by other means.

3:10 Trump having a crack at the FBI now over their 'dealings' with the Clintons.

3:08 Trump says the media is dishonest and corrupt. They've poisoned the minds of the voters. Says the election is rigged.

3:06 Clinton wants Trump to release his tax returns. "He does not pay tax! Undocumented immigrants pay tax, Donald doesn't."

3:02 Trump calls the Clinton Foundation a criminal enterprise. He tells her to "give back the money".

3pm Clinton summing up Trump's 'dark side'. "What kind of country do we want to have?"

2:59 Clinton: Trump denies responsibility for his treatment of women.

2:58 Trump's alleged sexual misconduct brought up. Clinton getting stuck in here. Trump on the back foot.

2:54 Trump again blames the existence of IS on Clinton. 

2:53 Clinton compares her last 30 years to Trump's. Trump: "If we could run our country the way I run my company...".

2:51 Trump: The one thing you have on me is experience, but it's bad experience. (It's getting nasty now)

2:49 On the TPP. Clinton against it.

2:48 Trump questioned by Wallace on how experts think his economy plan doesn't stack up. Trump's response is to go back to his rant: We're losing jobs to China, Vietnam. It's horrible what's happening out there. (Hasn't answered the question... at all)

2:46 Clinton says Obama saves the economy - and she will invest from the middle up - not the 'top down'.

2:44 Clinton says investment in training will work, back working people to make a difference.

2:43 Trump talking tough on trade and again promises tax cuts

2:42 Trump goes off topic and talks about Saudi Arabia and NATO, "they need to pay up!"

2:41 Clinton wants a greener economy, cut student debt and raise the minimum wage. Will produce 10 million new jobs. Slams Trump's plan as helping only big business.

2:39 Next topic: The economy. Clinton's plan "When the middle class thrives America thrives."

2:37 Trump: "This is just another lie."

2:36 On nukes: Clinton says Trump would use them. People would not trust Trump with the nuclear codes.

2:34 Trump says he condemns Russian cyber hacking - says Putin has outsmarted Clinton and Obama for years.

2:32 Trump again on the immigrant rant. No to Syria, Clinton wants more Syrians. Clinton: Putin wants a puppet as President! Trump: You're the puppet!

2:30 Clinton bringing up Wikileaks and Russian interference to influence the US election!

2:28 Clinton says undocumented labour helped build the Trump tower. 

2:26 Trump: "The president of Mexico is a nice guy... Clinton wanted a border wall in 2006"

2:24 Immigrants brought up. Clinton doesn't want to deport undocumented immigrants and rip apart families

2:19 Clinton says she will defend women's rights to make their own decisions.

2:17 Abortion brought up. Trump says he is pro-life and will appoint pro-life judges.

2:15 Clinton reminds everyone the NRA (National Rifle Association) is behind Trump and helps fund his campaign.

2:13 Clinton says she does support the second amendment. But she wants regulation. Reminds the audience that 33 thousand Americans are shot and killed each year.

2:11 Trump wants a Supreme Court to uphold the second amendment (The right to bear arms). Claims it is under trauma and huge pressure.

2:09 Clinton: "You'll hear major differences of opinion between myself and my opponent tonight." (You sure will!)

2:07 First topic - US supreme court. Clinton goes first. "Court needs to stand on the side of the people, not big business."

2:05 Here they come, warm applause, no hand shakes

2:01 Everyone waiting quietly for Trump and Clinton to emerge

2pm Moderator Chris Wallace tells the audience: "stay quiet"

It's come down to this: The final US presidential debate after weeks of name calling, vitriol, and alleged sexual misconduct on both sides.

Donald Trump even claimed Hillary Clinton was 'on drugs' during the second debate.

The latest slur? Donald Trump calling the election 'rigged' before a vote has even been cast.

It's fair to say Clinton v Trump has been the most decisive and poisonous election battle in US history, and that's saying something.

The final of three debates will kick off in Las Vegas at 2pm NZ time, and will moderated by Chris Wallace, a veteran broadcaster and the first ever general election moderator from Fox news.

Trump's supporters were certainly ramping up their anti-Clinton sentiment on CNN this week:

Make no mistake; most of the pressure is on Trump to perform after his month of muck raking, misogynist hell. Recent polls show him losing every state he must win to get over the line and into the White House.

This deabte will cover six topics - debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hotspots and fitness to be president.

Join Newshub's Tony Wright for your third debate live updates.

Let the battle begin...