Mexican clowns march against creeps

Mexican clowns march against creeps

Mexican clowns have gathered to condemn the creepy clown craze, saying it's not in the clown spirit.

As they marched at the Revolution Monument in Mexico City the clowns shouted: "We are clowns, not killers."

"We are professional clowns with whom people have fun with," says attendee Claudio Cercente Reyes.

"We provoke laughter, that's what the dictionary says, and here there are some [clowns] causing us fear, terror, and that's not good. Mexican clowns and all who are here are professionals."

The clowns had convened for the 21st annual Convention of Clowns, gathering clowns from across Latin America.

One held a sign which read: "I don't want to scare you. Even less to kill you. I just want to cheer up your heart."

The creepy clown craze has swept the globe after videos emerged of people dressed in the outfits, which then escalated into an assortment of violent attacks.