Mum dumbfounded as stranger pulls her toddler's dummy out

Toddler sucking their thumb (file)
Toddler sucking their thumb (file)

An Australian mother has revealed how a complete stranger berated her for giving her two-year-old son a dummy (pacifier), and then took it out of his mouth.

Corissa Rieschieck said she gave her son a dummy to calm him down during a public meltdown at the supermarket.

An unknown woman then walked up to them and berated her for using the dummy.

"Out of nowhere, an older woman approached us," Ms Rieschieck wrote in a blog post.

"She reached out, promptly plucking the dummy out of [my son's] unsuspecting mouth while scolding me about how he doesn't need it and I shouldn't be so bad a parent as to give it to him."

With both Ms Rieschieck and her son stunned into silence "the woman walked off with his dummy in hand," she wrote.

Moments later, the woman returned and resumed her verbal attack, telling Ms Rieschieck it was "no wonder [her son] screams."

"Why do people feel the need to comment on the way those around them parent?" Ms Rieschieck wrote. "Do they not remember how hard being a parent is?"