New Hampshire hotel's very fat cat

  • 02/10/2016
Logan the 14kg cat lounging outside (Newshub.)
Logan the 14kg cat lounging outside (Newshub.)

Forget Garfield, this 14 kilogram cat may be the fattest cat in the world.

Logan the eight-year-old cat lives at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in the US state of New Hampshire and he's got guests ordering extra room service.

The cat, which can been seen waddling around on the front deck of the hotel, has won the hearts of the internet in a video that has been viewed more than 22 million times.

His owner says he loves hogging the attention, and the meals of his brothers and sisters.

In a Facebook post, the hotel explains how Logan has been a (literally) big attraction at the hotel for a while.

"He's a big kitty and everybody loves Logan. Sometimes people come for a first visit but they've already heard about Logan...the legend grows!"

Australian cat Himmy holds the record for being the heaviest cat in the world weighing in at 21.3kg back in 1986.

However the Guinness World Records have since stopped recording the weights of the world's heaviest pets in order to discourage overfeeding.

There are concerns that this has happened to Logan, with animal rights groups across America outraged at the size of the kitty.