Original baby Jesus head returned after unfortunate replacement

(CBC News)
(CBC News)

A baby Jesus statue in Canada drew attention after a well-meaning local artist tried to replace its missing head with one of her own.

It came out misshapen and the pearly white statue landed a head which looked more like a terracotta gargoyle.

It was apparently so bad the original head has now been returned.

Paris priest Gérald Lajeunesse told CBC News an unnamed woman returned the head on Friday (local time) after hearing about the incident on the news and in social media.

She said the person who took the head, initially thought to be vandals, has been suffering from personal problems.

The priest won't be filing a complaint over the theft and told Radio Canada he's just happy it's back where it belongs.

Jesus' head had gone missing before, with Father Gérald speculating it's because it's small and easy to break off.