Parents are getting tattoos of their kids' drawings

  • 21/10/2016
The tattoo one parent got inked (Instagram)
The tattoo one parent got inked (Instagram)

There is nothing quite like getting a special piece of artwork given to you from a child. But do you love your children's artwork enough to have it permanently tattooed on your body?

The trend is on this rise and many people have been posting their now-permanent artwork online.

Designs range from children simply writing their names, to intricate drawings of monsters or family pets.

It seems to be particularly popular among fathers and tattoo artists.

Brian DiCola had a very sweet drawing tattooed.

As did this father.

Some of the designs are a bit more out there.

And it's not just parents getting in on the trend, but aunties and uncles too. Film-maker Alwan created a mash-up of his niece and nephew's drawings.

While others took it one step further, like tattoo artist Mike Diaz, who let his six-year-old son King and eight-year-old daughter Sykeri tattoo a self-portrait onto the inside of his legs.