Parents watch as policeman resuscitates 3yo son

The dash cam footage (Independent)
The dash cam footage (Independent)

Dramatic footage has been released online from a police dash cam showing a police officer trying to resuscitate a young child.

Bethany Hoover and John Geis from Texas had taken their 3-year-old son Brayden to Kentucky Fried Chicken before the incident occurred.

They believed the young boy had a cold. This quickly turned into a fever, which subsequently led to febrile seizure - which caused him to stop breathing.

In the video, the parents can be seen pacing, and looking distraught while police officer Chase Miller brings their dying child back from the brink.

Mr Miller revived the child within two minutes, and showed Mr Geis how to continue with the compressions while he ran to get a breathing mask from his police car.

After being treated at the local medical centre, a statement released said that young Brayden is "now doing fine and is recovering with his family."

Mr Miller was given the life-saving award on October 12 for rescuing Brayden.