Rapist slits throat in court after verdict announced

  • 21/10/2016
Jeff Jones (supplied)
Jeff Jones (supplied)

A US man slashed his throat with a razor blade while still in court, only moments after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager.

Former high school English teacher Jeff Jones, 56, was convicted of raping the now 17-year-old daughter of his live-in girlfriend three years ago.

"I have a young teenage daughter in my house - I would worry about her every time we left because I wasn't sure what he was capable of doing," said neighbour Michele Deleske.

"I taught her how to use my shotgun and I told her if he ever comes into the house, shoot him," said neighbour Ken Deleske.

Just after the jury announced its verdict, Jones pulled out a hidden razor and slit his throat.

Sheriff's deputies rushed to his aid and instead of taking him into custody, took him away in an ambulance.

"It had crossed my mind that he might try to kill himself rather than face life in prison," said senior deputy district attorney Heather Brown, "so I wasn't completely shocked when that happened today."

Ms Brown says Jones is a dangerous predator who for 25 years has groomed his students for sex. He married three of them under the age of 18, while he had at least two girlfriends.

"He had a history of marrying an underage student, finding a new underage student as soon as he got divorced from the next one."

Jones' live-in girlfriend stood up for him and testified against her daughter in court, saying the girl lied to cover up marijuana use.

Defence attorney Ed Welbourn said it looks as though Jones will recover from his throat cut.

An investigation into how he managed to get a razor blade into court will be opened.

CBS News / Newshub.