Robert Fiddes Ellis, accused Australian paedophile, calls victims his 'friends'

Robert Fiddes Ellis outside court (Reuters)
Robert Fiddes Ellis outside court (Reuters)

An Australian man accused of sexually abusing at least 11 young girls in Bali says none of them would want to see him in prison.

Robert Fiddes Ellis told media outside the Denpasar District Court on Tuesday (local time) the girls were his "friends".

"I haven't done anything. I haven't murdered anybody," he said.

"I should be [acquitted], I know that. I haven't hurt anybody and none of my friends want me in prison, I'm sure of that."

Ellis, 70, is accused of sexually abusing nearly a dozen young girls, luring them to his home with money, food and toys before molesting them while he bathed them.

He has admitted giving them baths in exchange for money, but insists it was consensual.

"We'd negotiate a price, 200,000 or 300,000 rupiah ($21-$32) if you'll have mandi (bath) - if you won't, if you don't want it, that's okay," he said.

"I didn't know it was a crime. I found out now."

The girls were aged between eight and 17. Ellis denies what he did was sexual assault and said it wasn't serious enough to be jailed.

"No sexual relations with any of the girls. I've settled with the girls completely. I've paid them generously."

Former Victorian detective Glen Hulley helped facilitate Ellis' arrest and told Australian media earlier this month the case was "by far the worst case I've ever seen of an Australian committing this kind of offence in Bali".

Prosecutors say Ellis admitted to digital anal penetration of some of the girls.

Indonesia introduced tough punishments for convicted child sex offenders earlier this year, including the death penalty and chemical castration.

But Ellis was arrested in January and the laws aren't retrospective, so the prosecution is instead seeking 16 years' jail.

Ellis will find out the verdict and if guilty, his sentence, next Tuesday.