Russian charity incites 'beaver genocide' after printing typo

A beaver (Стоп Факт/YouTube)
A beaver (Стоп Факт/YouTube)

A Russian charity has learnt the importance of spell checking, after an accidental typo saw it mistakenly incite a beaver genocide.

The beaver - a beautiful and peace-loving creature - was targeted for extermination after the Mercy Capital charitable foundation ordered 1 million leaflets saying "Do good!"

Unfortunately, due to the intricacies of the Russian language, a printing house's typographical error saw it instead write "Exterminate beavers!"

To make things worse, the printing company has refused to take responsibility, quoting Soviet-era regulations that small typos don't count as contract violations.

"No one will notice," it told Mercy Capital, apparently uninterested in the difference between donating to charity and starting a beaver holocaust.

"As an animal rights activist," a charity spokesperson told reporters, "I fear that people might really start exterminating beavers if the foundation starts handing out leaflets like these, the way they are now."

No beavers are currently available to comment.