Scots frustrated at UK's Brexit strategy

  • 25/10/2016
Nicola Sturgeon (Getty)
Nicola Sturgeon (Getty)

Theresa May offered the leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a "direct line" to her Brexit secretary during talks at Downing Street on Monday (UK time).

It didn't get a warm reception, as Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared the lack of information about the government's strategy had been "deeply frustrating".

Ms May says while the devolved governments of the UK's three smaller nations should give their views on what the terms of Brexit should be, they must not undermine the UK's strategy by seeking separate settlements with the EU.

"I don't know what the UK's negotiating position is because they can't tell us," Ms Sturgeon said after talks at May's Downing Street office.

While England and Wales voted for Brexit in a June referendum, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain, setting the devolved governments in Edinburgh and Belfast on a collision course with London.

At the meeting with Ms Sturgeon and the Welsh and Northern Irish leaders, Ms May proposed setting up a new body to give the three devolved governments a formal avenue to express their views.

In Northern Ireland, there are fears that Brexit could undermine a 1998 peace deal and lead to the reintroduction of unpopular border controls with the Republic of Ireland, an EU member.

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones said it was difficult for the devolved administrations to influence the process when there was so much uncertainty over what the government was seeking.

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