Second Trump vs Clinton debate: How the internet reacted

Second Trump vs Clinton debate: How the internet reacted

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump argued back and forth throughout their second presidential debate, things on social media weren't much different.

But it seemed those watching were more focused on making fun of the pair.

The debate had tweeters hovering over their keyboards, the #debate hashtag trending worldwide before things even began.

As Mr Trump defended his deplorable comments about women, the Clinton campaign hit back on Twitter, posting a long list of just some of the degrading comments the Republican candidate has made.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump's official Twitter page became the top search result under the hashtag #RapeCulture.

His campaign responded to Ms Clinton's tweets by slamming her husband, who also made it to Twitter's trending section - mostly for his stunned expression throughout the debate.

Second Trump vs Clinton debate: How the internet reacted

US comedian Sarah Silverman called out Mr Trump for "intimidating" Ms Clinton by standing closely behind her, and the internet noticed as well, with memes comparing Mr Trump to something from a horror film and questioning whether he's behind the creepy clown trend sweeping the globe. 

Other celebrities chimed in on the debate too, comedian Chelsea Handler comparing Mr Trump to the exploding Samsung Galaxy note 7.

Others on social media seemed more concerned about a fly that landed on Ms Clinton's face.

The New York Times ran a fact check on the debate, and the results show Mr Trump didn't do too well.

And if early polls are anything to go by, he lost in the debate as a whole - a CNN snap poll calling it a win for Ms Clinton, 57 percent to 34.