Syrian girl, 7, tweets from inside Aleppo 'hell'

Bana Alabed reading to forget the war (Twitter/@AlabedBana)
Bana Alabed reading to forget the war (Twitter/@AlabedBana)

The seven-year-old Syrian girl who has tweeting heart-breaking updates from her home in war-torn Aleppo has told of a bomb falling close to her home and asked the world to pay attention to her people's suffering.

"Yesterday bombs fell, one bomb here at my home and one at my grandma's house," Bana Alabed said, speaking on video. 

"I'm afraid of planes and the shells and the concussion bombs. These things are killing us," she said.

"We are children, we have the right to live. We are not terrorists. We want the world to listen to us."

Bana and her mother have been tweeting messages from within the rebel-held area, sharing a glimpse of the grim reality.

She's posting daily videos of bombs going off in the city.

She's shown the world the area where her garden used to grow - now just another pile of rubble.

With broken English, Bana shares snippets of life with her siblings, barely a night going by without them being woken by airstrikes.

She started the hashtag #SaveAleppo, in the hope of trying to get more coverage on the war raging in her city.

Bana's powerful message has been retweeted by many of her 40,000 followers.

This brave seven-year-old has a message for the Russian President as well.

She is asking the world to pray for a city she is scared will otherwise be "erased from the earth".