Taco trucks build a wall to stop Trump

Taco trucks build a wall to stop Trump

The tables have turned for Donald Trump ahead of the third US presidential debate. Instead of building a wall, he's been blocked in by one.

A group of workers from the Culinary Union assembled the taco truck wall in front of the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas on Wednesday (local time).

Part of its purpose was to protest Mr Trump's treatment of workers at the hotel. The union says he has refused to recognise the workers' vote to unionise.

 "Donald Trump has illegally refused to negotiate a contract with his workers, so we will be out there as many times as we need to be until those workers have their union election victory honoured with a contract," political director Yvanna Cancela told local media.

"[Mr Trump has] tried to divide this country by talking about a wall. We will not be fear-mongered into being divided, and he will not be president."

Mr Trump began his presidential bid by calling for a wall to be built between Mexico and the US - a wall, he assured potential voters, Mexico would pay for.

Seven trucks parked up at the protest, most of them taco trucks.