Trump and Clinton top-sellers for Halloween

  • 31/10/2016

Beyond the zombies and ghouls, this Halloween's most popular masks are two people you probably recognise.

Forbes Yang is a sales manager at the Jinhua Party Yime Latex Art and Crafts factory in Jinhua, China, where workers carefully design, stretch, spin and spray tan America's presidential candidates.

Every four years in the US, political masks become a Halloween must-have - they're largely made in China and Mexico and shipped to the States, where voters get to 'try on' our candidates.

Both candidates have attacked China while campaigning, with Donald Trump labelling the nation "a currency manipulator" and Hillary Clinton accusing them of the "illegal dumping of steel and aluminium" in US markets.

While a majority of Chinese support a Clinton presidency, there are people backing trump.

"He's a bit crazy," one man said. "I support him because has better ideas and logic."

For Ms Yang, a Trump loss would be good business.

"[Having him] run again in four years [would be] good for us," she said.

It would also present a second opportunity - to scare up some votes.

CBS News