Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed

  • 27/10/2016

More than 2500 stars adorn the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a 2km stretch 18 city blocks long on Hollywood Boulevard.

The Walk of Fame went under construction in 1956 and the first permanent star was that of director Stanley Kramer.

Since then, a committee sits every June to whittle around 200 nominees down to 20.

They must be from the world of movies, TV, music, radio and theatre, although somehow the crew of Apollo 11 got theirs for services to TV.

Cameras from the TV programme Deadline have captured the destruction of Donald Trump's star, but others have been stolen, including those of James Stewart, Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck and Gene Autry - though he did have four others.

There have also been mistakes; Julia Louis-Dreyfus lost the O in her name, but saw the funny side.

"Just when you think you got it all, they yank it away," she told Jimmy Fallon.

And they're not cheap. Whoever nominates a celebrity, if it's accepted, has to pony up to get the star made.

That carries a price tag of more than $40,000.

The walk fell into decline in the 60s, but it was decided the show must go on, and the Walk now attracts about 10 million visitors every year.