Turnaround in Australian greyhound ban

Greyhound (iSTOCK)
Greyhound (iSTOCK)

In a dramatic turnaround, New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has backed down on a ban of greyhound racing in New South Wales following a campaign from those in the industry.

This decision comes despite the announcement that the decision was "final" and that the industry would shut-down in July 2017.

The ban was announced earlier this year, after a special commission of inquiry found that 68,000 greyhounds had been euthanized in the past 12 months due to being unable to race, or too slow.

It is expected that cabinet will consider a range of options, including a proposal to implement a controlled breeding program.

It is also understood that cabinet will consider introducing a statutory review of undertakings given by the industry.

Legislation enacting the ban was passed in New South Wales parliament in August.