US schoolgirl allegedly hired clown to kill teacher

  • 05/10/2016

Hampton Police patrolled Davis Middle School in Virginia, US on Monday (local time) - after a 13-year-old girl was arrested.

They say the teenager used social media to hire a clown to murder her school teacher.

"I'm just floored by it - I can't believe it, that that situation would happen in this community," parent Rebecca Conley told CBS News.

Creepy clown sightings were reported to police all across the country over the last month.

Just last week, additional police were sent to Hampton and Newport Schools after threats on social media surfaced from accounts run by clowns.

But those threats were nothing like the one Hampton Police came across last night.

They say they found out about the teen's alleged murder attempt from an individual - but would not say who.

Police also refused to release the name of the social media account the teen contacted to kill her teacher - but say the alias and picture were of a clown.

"I have a daughter that is in elementary school and just to think that a symbol of something that is supposed to be fun and a happy time, they're just using it as a scare tactic - it's unimaginable," Ms Conley said.

Police say they checked on the teacher who was targeted in the threat, and say that she is aware of the situation and was not harmed.

The teenage girl was charged with one count of threatening to kill by electronic message, and remains in custody at a local secured detention facility.

CBS News