Video: American Airlines plane goes up in flames on Chicago runway


Dramatic footage has captured the moments after an American Airlines plane went up in flames on the runway at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Friday (local time).

Twenty people were injured in the incident, consisting of minor bruising and ankle injuries sustained as passengers rapidly exited the aircraft via evacuation chutes.

The fire broke out moments before departure as a result of an engine failure, prompting the evacuation of all 161 passengers and nine crew.

The fire on the Boeing 767 bound for Miami was caused by an "engine-related issue", the airline said in a statement.

A video clip posted on Facebook by Hector Gustavo Cardenas shows passengers yelling in panic as they move down the aisle to evacuate the plane.

"15 Seconds later would have been on the air and would have been a good bye [sic]," he wrote in his post.

An American Airlines spokesperson said the injuries sustained were typical of an evacuation of a commercial jet, and none involved burns or smoke inhalation.