Video: Daredevil jumps eight storeys, escapes unscathed

(Youtube / @ig: 8booth)
(Youtube / @ig: 8booth)

A man has defied death by jumping from the roof of a 40 metre-tall building into California's Newport Harbour, barely missing the edge of a jetty in the process.

The man took two cameras with him as he embarked on the daring stunt, filming himself on both mouth and hand-mounted GoPros as he climbed the 16 flights of stairs to the top.

Heavy breathing can be heard as he makes his way closer to the edge, before he launches himself outwards from the building and into the water below.

And it's lucky he does push himself outwards - as he descends for what seems like a lifetime, the jetty beneath him looms ever closer and it looks for a moment as though he will land on it.

In the end, he avoids it by a few metres - but it is still impressive that he emerged unscathed from the 40m jump, which is akin to jumping from the apex of Auckland's Harbour Bridge.