Video: Syrian girl cries for father after airstrike


More heart-breaking video footage has emerged from Syria, showing a terrified girl crying for her father as medical aid workers wipe blood away from her face.

The young girl named Aya was injured in an air attack on her town of Homs and taken to a field hospital in nearby Talbiseh. She was home alone when the attack happened.

She told medical staff her name, and continued crying out for "Baba" - meaning father. He was soon found and the two were reunited.

There were four strikes on Homs, leaving two civilians dead and injuring many more.

Further north, thirty-eight Islamic State militants were killed in recent clashes, the Turkish military said. It marks an escalation in the area around Dabiq where rebels backed by Turkey are fighting the jihadists.

Supported by Turkish tanks and air strikes, rebels have been pushing towards the IS stronghold of Dabiq in an operation launched in late August.

The military also targeted a Kurdish militia whose presence along its border Turkey sees as a threat.

Reuters / Newshub.