Young boy dangles from destroyed home after airstrike

16-year-old Marouf (Qasioun News Agency)
16-year-old Marouf (Qasioun News Agency)

Warning: this video may upset some viewers

Shocking footage has been released of a young boy left hanging from a building in Aleppo after his home was hit by Russian airstrikes.

Sixteen-year-old Marouf can be seen dangling from the building after his legs became trapped in the rubble.

Wearing a 'Don't Shoot' t-shirt, Marouf is the latest victim to become the face of attacks in the Middle Eastern city.

Marouf is seen being rescued by civil defence forces that were required to use a cherry picker to dislodge him from the crumbling building.

He was tended to by emergency services after his dramatic rescue, and the White Helmets tweeted that he is recovering well.

The Syrian Observatory for Human rights has reported that 17 people were killed during the same attack that injured Marouf, including five children.