Anti-Trump riot breaks out in Portland

Police arrest a protester in at Portland riots (Reuters)
Police arrest a protester in at Portland riots (Reuters)

Police in Portland, Oregon say they are using weapons to subdue rioters after a protest against Donald Trump turned violent.

Video footage from the scene shows rioters smashing shop windows and setting fires. Peaceful protesters can be seen trying to dissuade the rioters from using violence.

In a tweet, Portland police said they were using "less lethal munitions"; to move the crowd. It';s not clear exactly what type of weapons they are using

Media at the scene report police are using tear gas to drive back the crowds. Photojournalist William Gagan tweeted a picture of police holding batons while standing off against protesters.

Portland police are warning the public to stay out of the way of protesters, with reports of attacks on drivers and vandalism.

A crowd of protesters originally gathered at 5pm (local time) in Pioneer Courthouse Square, then began to march around 6pm. They joined another group gathered at the waterfront, and began blocking traffic. 

Video footage from the protest shows people spray-painting the 'A' for anarchy on shop walls. A protester is seen setting fire to a newspaper dispenser, and an American flag has been set alight. 

Police have advised the public that the "loud bangs" they can hear are fireworks being set off by the protesters. 

Journalist Mike Bivins, who is at the scene, said there are more windows broken than he could count, with protesters "fanning out" to do widespread damage.

In one of his videos, a small business owner can be seen shouting at the protesters, as they smash in the window of his building. 

Donald Trump has taken to Twitter today to blame the media for the protests around the country, tweeting "professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!"