Assad's forces advance on rebel's last stronghold in Aleppo

  • 29/11/2016
Bana Alabed tweeted after her home was bombed in Aleppo (Twitter)
Bana Alabed tweeted after her home was bombed in Aleppo (Twitter)

The seven-year-old girl in eastern Aleppo who has shared her life in the war-torn city online has had her home bombed as Syrian government forces advance on the opposition-held area.

"Tonight we have no house, it's bombed & I got in rubble. I saw deaths and I almost died," Bana Alabed wrote on Twitter.

Later she wrote: "Under heavy bombardments now. In between death and life now, please keep praying for us."

Bana, who's following on Twitter earned her support from author J.K. Rowling, wrote in her latest tweet about being homeless, hungry and wanting to live.

There's been panic in the area as rebel defences in the country's largest city rapidly collapsed under the government's onslaught.

More than 250,000 people are believed trapped there with limited access to food, water and medical supplies. They include more than 100,000 children, the UN says.

"It is stinging cold, food is scarce and people are shaken in the streets," Mohammad Zein Khandaqani, a member of the Medical Council in Aleppo, told The Associated Press in a text message from eastern Aleppo.

Some are taking refuge in mosques while others moved to homes of displaced people in safer areas, he added.

Thousands of civilians, many of whom had refused to leave despite the suffocating siege and bombardment that tested the limits of endurance, fled the enclave over the weekend and Monday.

Eastern Aleppo is the last major urban stronghold for armed opponents of President Bashar Assad.

Reclaiming all of Aleppo, Syria's former commercial capital, would be the biggest prize of the war for Assad. It would put his forces in control of the country's four largest cities as well as the coastal region, and cap a year of steady government advances.

It also would bolster his position and momentum just as a new US administration is taking hold, freeing thousands of his troops and allied militiamen to move on to other battles around the country.

Helped by massive Russian air power and thousands of Iranian-backed Shiite militia fighters from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran, Assad renewed his push for Aleppo this month. The besieged eastern districts came under intense airstrikes that killed hundreds in the past two weeks.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) says it has registered 4000 people in the government-controlled Jibreen district of western Aleppo after they fled from the city's rebel-controlled eastern areas.

AP / Newshub.