Aussiest guy ever comes to terms with newfound fame

Aussiest guy ever comes to terms with newfound fame

A Queensland man who became an Australian hero after chasing down a criminal in his boxers has gone viral around the world.

Daniel McConnell was sleeping in his Brisbane home when his wife woke him up and told him a car had crashed into his friend's shop next door.

Mr McConnell didn't hesitate - and dressed only in his underwear, he jumped out of bed and ran out to confront the driver before giving an iconic television interview.

It was described by many news organisations as the Aussiest interview ever, as Mr McConnell described his valiant efforts to a reporter.

"I was in my jocks, chased him up the street. I said 'mate don't be fleeing the scene', and he goes 'don't be a hero mate' - but I wasn't trying to be a hero," he said.

But to Australia, Daniel McConnell is a hero - and although he says he can't believe the fuss he's created, his true-blue Aussie attitude and bravery captivated people.

There are now calls for Daniel McConnell to be named Australian of the Year for his valiant - and amazingly, that's only the start of it.

"Everyone's like 'can I have your autograph' and I'm like 'yeah righto mate. I'll give ya a selfie,'" he said.

Breakfast shows entered a bidding war to get the hero on telly, but the father of four says it's not just him - his pregnant partner deserves some praise too.

"I'm going to have to rub my partner's feet for this because if she didn't wake me up I wouldn't be famous," he said.

Mr McConnell's been rewarded with a new supply of undies and a family holiday - but more official thanks could still come.

"They're talking about a bravery award or being Premier of Queensland," he laughed.


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