Australian mechanic's car wash error a costly mishap

Australian mechanic's car wash error a costly mishap

An Australian man is likely to have forfeited more than a year's wages after his failure to read a sign resulted in the destruction of a car wash and his employer's van.

Sydney refrigerator mechanic Mitchell Abroon was washing his boss' ute when a ladder secured to the roof got caught on one of the drive-through car wash's spinning brushes.

With the ladder trapped in the brush but also still secured to the van, something had to give when the 21-year-old drove off - in this case, the entire car wash.

The caught ladder caused the complete set of machinery to tip onto the van's windshield, trapping Mr Abroon in the driver's seat and causing huge damage to both the vehicle and the car wash.

"I heard a loud bang and there was glass everywhere - it's pretty bad," Mr Abroon said, before adding that his boss was understandably "not happy" when he received the news.

With help from emergency services, Mr Abroon escaped unscathed - but his relief soon turned to horror when he saw that a sign at the entrance to the car wash urged drivers to cover their utes.

While the car wash only cost him AU$12.90 ($13.50), the repair bill may be as much as AU$50,000 ($52,400).