Baby turtles swarm Costa Rica beach in nesting season

Baby turtles swarm Costa Rica beach in nesting season

It's nesting season for sea turtles in Costa Rica, and hundreds of thousands of the reptiles have already turned up for the party at Ostional beach.

More than a million turtles are expected to arrive throughout the season to lay their eggs on the country's Pacific Coast, with each female capable of laying around 100 eggs.

It's an abundance of eggs because the life of a sea turtle is so tough. Only 1 percent of the eggs are expected to hatch and then survive their first moments, including avoiding poachers and re-entering the sea.

A number of them have already hatched, sending baby sea turtles scuttling towards the sea that will be their home from now on.

To give the babies their best shot, a conservation programme at the beach is collecting a number of the eggs.

Authorised guide Yamileth Obando says it's a one-of-a-kind project.

"[The people who collect the eggs] have a permit from the Ministry of Environment and Energy to legally collect the eggs during the first three days of the arrivals," she says.

The arrival of the turtles attracts a swarm of visitors. To keep the reptiles safe there are a number of rules in place, including limiting the size of each group to 10 and requiring a local guide in each group.