Barack Obama takes fight to Trump in support of Clinton

Barack Obama (Newshub.)
Barack Obama (Newshub.)

There's just five days until the US presidential election, and President Barack Obama came out swinging on behalf of Hillary Clinton today.

He is taking aim at Donald Trump, and he's absolutely adored by his fans.

"History is moveable. Where you can make things better or worse, this is one of those moments," Mr Obama said.

And Mr Obama is going negative on Trump.

"He has said so much stuff, our media and our culture has become too reality-TV-ised," he said. "This isn't a joke - this isn't Survivor, this isn't the Bachelorette. It counts".

This is of course all about legacy for Mr Obama - if Trump becomes President, then much of what he has fought for is in jeopardy.

So now Mr Obama is fighting for Ms Clinton - but of course is also fighting for everything he's achieved. He is fighting for himself.

As of now, polling shows a lot of states are Republican red for Mr Trump - however, those are big vote hauls for Ms Clinton in blue.

At least six states could go either way. Every state carries a bunch of electoral college votes based on population size.

With 270 votes needed to win, Ms Clinton's well ahead of Mr Trump - 266 to 190. Eighty-two votes are contained in the states that are up for grabs.

One reputable analyst puts Ms Clinton's chances of winning at 65.7 percent, and Mr Trump's at 34.3 percent.

President Obama's doing his best to help Ms Clinton's chances, but it's clear who the Democrats really want - him.