Best, worst, craziest moments of the US election campaign

Donald Trump (Getty)
Donald Trump (Getty)

Amid the chaos and confusion, it's important to have something to laugh about - and the US election had it in spades.

Remember the UK election last year, where the craziest thing was a guy who couldn't eat a bacon sandwich? This was something else entirely.

This was the social media campaign. Never before has a candidate embraced social media as much as Donald Trump.

Mr Trump notoriously insulted Hispanics, and tweeted a patronising picture eating a taco bowl, as "proof" he loved them.

In an early morning meltdown, he asked people to check out a sex tape of a former Miss Universe after Hillary Clinton goaded him in their first debate.

Ms Clinton called a cartoon frog a symbol of white supremacy, and people picked up on that and actually made him a symbol of white supremacy.

Similarly, Mr Trump's supporters adopted the name she had for them - "a basket of deplorables".

Then came the debates. Oh god, the debates.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost and there wasn't a single person we could get behind, along came Ken Bone. Oh sweet Kenneth, where art thou now?

It's easy to forget there were other candidates running for the nomination, like Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders. Then there was Libertarian Gary 'What is Aleppo?' Johnson.

The whole thing was ripe for satire, and Alec Baldwin finally answered the question, "What has Alec Baldwin been up to since 30 Rock?" with an impression for the ages.

But the thing with this election was it didn't need satire. It didn't need parody. The truth was stranger than fiction.