Cat sanctuary bombed in Aleppo airstrikes

A cat from the sanctuary which survived (gattarodialeppo/Twitter)
A cat from the sanctuary which survived (gattarodialeppo/Twitter)

A cat sanctuary which sheltered hundreds of animals in Syria's Aleppo has been bombed, leaving many cats dead and wounded.

"They bombed our house of cats Ernesto today: They killed some of our cats, also killed our beautiful dog Hope!," said Alessandra Abidin, who runs a Facebook group for the cats.

The sanctuary became famous when Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel was discovered caring and feeding for Aleppo's stray cats.

He started with 20, abandoned as their owners fled the city - but more and more cats arrived, and he started the cat refuge.

"When people left, the cats started coming to me," Mr Aljaleel told BBC News.

Aleppo is in the middle of a vicious civil war between the Syrian government and rebel forces.