Chinese woman leaps five storeys from burning building

Chinese woman leaps five storeys from burning building

Warning: This video contains images which may disturb some people.

A woman trapped in a burning building in China fell from her fifth-floor balcony as she tried to escape the flames.

Amazingly, she landed in a bush and survived the fall.

She was taken to hospital but her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

It's believed the woman was alone in her home in Tangshan City, Hebei, when a gas leak sparked the blaze.

Concerned neighbours filmed her descent from five storeys up, with thick black smoke billowing from the building.

They can be heard shouting "don't jump!" as she climbed onto the ledge of the balcony to try to make her way down the outside of the building.

The woman lost her grip and slipped, plummeting to the ground as her neighbours screamed.

The fire service, which arrived after the woman made her escape, was able to extinguish the blaze before it spread to neighbouring homes.