'Dead' deer springs back to life

'Dead' deer springs back to life

A Pennyslvania law enforcement officer had an unusual callout when a man sought help after accidentally crashing into a deer.

The deer was killed on impact, the Adams County man thought, so he loaded it into the back of his truck to take it away.

"Instead of leaving her laying in the road to cause an accident, she looked dead so I picked her up and took her back to the house," he told the officer, as seen on a dashcam video released by the sheriff's office.

But when the man and Deputy Brian Loewenhagen popped the boot and dragged the deer onto the ground, it was very clearly not dead.

It sprung up almost immediately and ran off into the woods, despite being "mangled" from the crash.

"Are you okay, or?" Mr Loewenhagen asked the animal as it ran off. "Well, there she goes."

The man shrugged and said, "Well, thanks anyway."

It wasn't the deputy's first unusual callout. According to the office, he had previously arrested a drunk driver who claimed to have gotten drunk off of beer-battered fish.

"Things are never boring when Brian is working," the sheriff's office said.