Donald Trump turns to 'predator' Bill Clinton for advice

Bill and Hillary Clinton (Getty)
Bill and Hillary Clinton (Getty)

Despite softening his stance on a number of issues since winning the US election, Donald Trump has rejected accusations he went too far in some of his rhetoric.

"No - I won," he told the Wall Street Journal.

In the last few days Mr Trump has said there were parts of Obamacare, the current President's overhaul of the US healthcare system, which he'd keep - a far cry from his promise to completely repeal the "horror" legislation.

And his rival Hillary Clinton, whom he called a "nasty woman" in the debates and said should be put in jail, is now "very strong and very smart" and "couldn't have been nicer" when she called him to concede the election.

"It was a tough call for her, I can imagine," he told 60 Minutes in an interview to be broadcast on Sunday.

"She couldn't have been nicer. She just said 'congratulations Donald, well done'."

As for Ms Clinton's husband Bill, whom Mr Trump accused of being a sexual predator during the debates, he's now considering asking the former President for advice.

"He's a very talented guy, I mean, this is a very talented family," the President-elect told CBS.

Mr Trump's shift in tone from the campaign trail has done little to quell anger over his shock election victory, with a fourth day of demonstrations in cities across the US.

Donald Trump turns to 'predator' Bill Clinton for advice

Anti-Trump protester (Getty)

A protester was shot in Portland, Oregon on Friday night (local time) after a confrontation with a supporter of Mr Trump. They were rushed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police are seeking a male suspect.

Protests have also been held in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Omaha, Los Angeles, New Haven, Chicago, Denver, Iowa City, Dallas, Miami and Nashville.

Most have been peaceful, but there have been reports of vandalism and scuffles with police in Portland.