Donald Trump wanes on promise to lock up 'Crooked Hillary' Clinton

  • 23/11/2016
Mr Trump and Ms Clinton at the second Presidential campaign debate (Getty)
Mr Trump and Ms Clinton at the second Presidential campaign debate (Getty)

After pledging to "lock her up" President-elect Donald Trump will not be pursuing further investigations of Hillary Clinton.

On Tuesday Trump aide Kellyanne Conway told MSNBC about Mr Trump's change of tune in relation to Ms Clinton's use of a private email server or Clinton Foundation funds.

"I think when the President-elect, who's also the head of your party, tells you before he's even inaugurated that he doesn't wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content," she said in an interview.

In early October at the second presidential debate, Mr Trump told Ms Clinton: "If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation".

However, speaking on Tuesday afternoon at the New York Times office, Mr Trump said "no" when asked if he is taking investigations off the table. But he did add that he doesn't want to "hurt the Clintons".

"It's just not something that I feel very strongly about," he said, adding that he wanted to move on and move forward.

"I think it would be very very divisive for the country," Trump said.

He said he doesn't think his supporters will be disappointed.

In earlier interviews with the Wall Street Journal and 60 Minutes, Mr Trump said: "I'm going to think about it." Ms Clinton "did some bad things" he added, but the Clintons are "good people".

Far-right news website Breitbart has accused the New York businessman of breaking his word.

"Broken promise: Trump 'doesn't wish to pursue' Clinton email charges," the site said on its front page on Tuesday.

Breitbart was run until earlier this year by Steve Bannon, who became a leader of Trump's election campaign and has now been named to be his chief strategist when he takes over the White House on January 20.

Judicial Watch, a conservative group that has vigorously pursued probes into Clinton, also urged Trump not to drop his promise to investigate her.