Dreamworld no closer to re-opening date, says CEO


It'll be a long time before Dreamworld opens its doors to the public again, with chief executive Craig Davidson revealing that there is "no timeframe" on a re-opening date.

The theme park on Australia's Gold Coast has been closed since four people were killed following a malfunction on the Thunder River Rapids ride on Tuesday last week.

Mr Davidson told media on Monday that Dreamworld executives "will not be making a decision on re-opening or providing a timeframe at any stage this week".

The announcement comes after about 200 staff members returned to the park for the first time since the tragedy - which a media release said was "not compulsory", but just for those who wanted to "help the park and support their colleagues".

The release said each employee would be paid regardless of whether they had "returned to the park to work or not", and said staff have also been offered free counselling.

An independent safety review is also being conducted at Dreamworld, with mechanical engineering and workplace safety experts now looking into "every mechanical ride in the park".

The media release promises that Dreamworld will provide further updates on that investigation over the coming days.

Dreamworld said it would re-open its doors last Friday for a memorial service - but they were forced to backtrack after police intervened due to the park being a crime scene.

Last Tuesday's tragedy was the first death at Dreamworld in the 35-year history of the theme park.

The incident occurred when a vacant raft on the Thunder River Rapids ride became stuck at the bottom of a conveyor belt, spilling the occupants of the following raft out.

Of the six people on board only the two children survived. All four adults died.

The victims were named as Cindy Low, a 42-year-old New Zealand expat, Canberra residents Kate Goodchild, 32, her brother Luke Dorsett, 35, and his partner Roozbeh Araghi, 38.