Drunk Australian starts schoolies Bali brawl in his underwear

The drunk Australian (9News)
The drunk Australian (9News)

Drunk Australians are causing carnage in Bali, as they celebrate their infamous 'schoolies week'.

Schoolies week is a traditional celebration where high school graduates have a week-long holiday after their final exams. It often involves the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

Up to 6000 Australian schoolies are expected to head to Bali over the next two weeks, and many arrive looking for trouble.

A new video shows one out-of-control Aussie attempting to start a fight on the notorious Kuta tourist party strip.

Drunk and dressed only in his underwear, he kicks and swings at people. He is attacked in retaliation, and the brawl spins down the street, until he is finally he is pushed away by a woman, leaving his victims behind.