'Dry wedding' idea rubbished online

Do you need alcohol at a wedding?
Do you need alcohol at a wedding?

A bride-to-be has been slammed for being "stingy" and "boring" over the idea of an alcohol-free wedding.

On Weddingbee.com, bride-to-be KaitlynRose30 turned to other brides for advice on her 'dry wedding' idea.

"We are trying to decide if we really want alcohol at our wedding," she wrote.

"The majority of his family can and will drink a ton, and things can escalate quickly. Meanwhile my family is fine without. What are your feelings on a dry wedding?"

While she had some support, with one commenter saying she thought the idea seemed "very acceptable and doable", KaitlynRose30 seemed unprepared for the backlash she received from around the world.

One commenter did not mince their words, simply commenting: "BORING!!"

"I personally wouldn't want to attend a dry wedding. If I knew ahead of time it was dry, I'd probably RSVP 'No'," another said.

"I attended my first dry wedding a few weeks ago. Not a fan," added another.

Another commented she thought KaitlynRose30 was being "stingy", adding: "Please stop using the excuse that it is because other people can't handle their alcohol as to why you are not having it".

New Zealanders are known for loving a social drink or two and serving alcohol at weddings is a widespread custom.

Auckland wedding planner Nicky Luis from Lavish Events says that her company is rarely asked to plan a dry wedding,

"It would really only be for religious purposes that we would come across that," she adds.

As for KaitlynRose30, she's responding to commenters defensively, insisting that she won't have drunken fights on her big day - even if that means being seen as stingy and boring.