Election has Americans Googling 'move to New Zealand'

  • 09/11/2016
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Americans are frantically Googling ways to escape as Donald Trump closes in on victory, with the search 'move to New Zealand' skyrocketing on Google in the past day.

The search was most popular in the American states Oregon and Colorado, with a popularity level of 100, the highest it can go.

Election has Americans Googling 'move to New Zealand'

'New Zealand citizenship', 'Canada immigration', 'where can I move if Trump wins', and 'how to move to Sweden' are also trending as 'breakout' searches, according to Google trends.

The Google search term "how to move to Canada from US" has risen by 500%, with "how to move to Ireland" and "countries to move to if Trump becomes president" both going up 250%. 

The high rate of searches comes as the Canadian immigration site crashed on Wednesday afternoon NZ time, and searches for real estate in New Zealand skyrocket.