How a milkshake put Gable Tostee back in the headlines

(Facebook / Gangster and Gatsby)
(Facebook / Gangster and Gatsby)

Just 15 days after being acquitted of the murder and manslaughter of Kiwi Warriena Wright, Australian Gable Tostee is back in the headlines after becoming the first person ever to consume a colossal thickshake at a Gold Coast café.

The 30-year-old was accused of driving New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright to her death by threatening and intimidating her in the early hours of August 8, 2014, after the pair had met through dating app Tinder.

The trial in Brisbane's Supreme Court lasted more than a week, with 22 people giving evidence - but Mr Tostee was eventually found not guilty of Ms Wright's death.

And now in a bizarre turn of events, Mr Tostee, who went to such an effort to lay low by changing his name to Eric Thomas, is well and truly back in the media spotlight.

The Queenslander has clearly moved on quickly from the dramas of the trial, as he demolished the 5L of ice cream, 1.5L of cream and 0.5L of milk in Gangster and Gatsby's 'Godfather' milkshake.

The café posted a picture of the recently dubbed Eric Thomas on its Facebook page, describing his efforts as "mind-blowing".

He is said to have finished the entire shake in just 13 minutes and 28 seconds, and won $50, a t-shirt and the chance to take home $1000-worth of travel as a consolation for the horrendous bowel movements he will undoubtedly experience.