Gable Tostee's side of the story: More revealed in new promo clip

Gable Tostee has spoken about his conduct after Ms Wright's death (Youtube)
Gable Tostee has spoken about his conduct after Ms Wright's death (Youtube)

A promo for the widely anticipated interview with the Surfers Paradise native shows the former murder suspect giving more of his side of the story, of the night the Kiwi tourist fell to her death from his apartment balcony.

He was acquitted of the Lower Hutt 26-year-old's murder in a high-profile trial in Brisbane last month.

The interview with 30-year-old Mr Tostee has reportedly earned him up to $150,000.

Mr Tostee has spoken more on his bizarre conduct following Ms Wright's fall to her death , where he failed to call an ambulance - instead calling his dad and a lawyer, and buying pizza.

"Nobody's trained for a situation like this. It's like being hit by lightning - there is no right or wrong way to proceed from there," Mr Tostee says in the promotional video played on Australian Channel Nine's Today show on Friday morning.

"Well if I can humbly suggest there might be one right way - how about calling an ambulance?" presenter Liam Bartlett asks Mr Tostee.

"Well, as I said - what had happened, happened," Mr Tostee responds, "and there's nothing an ambulance could do to change that."

Channel Nine reported on Friday that Mr Tostee saw the paid interview as a "chance to clear his name" and that he was planning to make a formal request to speak to Ms Wright's family, who have maintained their silence throughout the case.