Hillary Clinton urged to challenge election over 'hacked voting machines'

Hillary Clinton (AAP)
Hillary Clinton (AAP)

Hillary Clinton is being urged by computer scientists to challenge the results of the US presidential election over possibly hacked voting machines in key swing states.

The experts believe they've found evidence that shows results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were rigged, according to New York Magazine.

These states went to her rival Donald Trump - but if this is overturned there is a pathway for Ms Clinton to get enough Electoral College votes to replace Mr Trump as president.

A source says computer scientists have evidence that in Wisconsin, Ms Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that used electronic-voting machines, compared to counties that used traditional methods of vote-counting.

This could have led to enough of her votes being denied to give Mr Trump the lead. Ms Clinton would need the results overturned in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, as well as victory in Michigan - which is still being counted - to be declared president.

There is speculation that Russia - accused of hacking the Democratic National Committee - is to blame for the alleged vote-rigging, in an attempt to secure a more favourable politician in the White House.

People close to the Clinton campaign are urging her to challenge the election, which would require a forensic audit of voting machines.

However, such an act would be seen as an attack on the peaceful transition of power.

And in a country already shaken by anti-Trump riots and racist violence, there are fears over how much more the social fabric of America can be stretched.