'I chased him in my jocks!' - Aussie man chases down crim

Daniel McConnell (Supplied/Channel 7)
Daniel McConnell (Supplied/Channel 7)

An Australian man has become a star having given the most Aussie interview ever after chasing down a criminal in his underwear.

Daniel McConnell was sleeping in Brisbane when his wife woke him up and told him a car had crashed into his friend's shop next door.

Mr McConnell didn't hesitate. Dressed only in his underwear, he jumped out of bed and ran out to confront the driver.

But when he confronted him, the driver attempted to escape.

"I tried stopping him and said like 'don't be taking off like this, you've just crashed into the shop'," he told Sunrise on 7.

But the driver told him "don't be a hero, mate" and attempted to flee the scene.

"I wasn't trying to be a bloody hero!" Mr McConnell said. "I chased after him in my jocks, and then he decided he wanted to keep going."

Mr McConnell went home, grabbed his car, and returned to the chase to assist the police. Luckily, the offender was caught, and the shop was insured.

It just goes to show - not all superheroes wear capes.