Japanese sinkhole disappears with no trace

  • 16/11/2016
The giant sinkhole was repaired within a week (Getty)
The giant sinkhole was repaired within a week (Getty)

Construction workers in Japan have repaired a massive sinkhole in just a week.

The sinkhole, which ripped apart a street in the city of Fukuoka on 8 November, was 30 metres wide and 15 metres deep.

Construction workers moved quickly to have it repaired by 5am on Tuesday (local time), with the five-lane street reopening in time for rush hour.

Photos of the newly reopened street show no evidence of the sinkhole’s existence.

The city’s mayor Soichiro Takashima has assured Fukuoka’s residents that the ground is now 30 times stronger than before.

Mr Takashima released a statement apologising for the "great trouble" the sinkhole caused for residents and thanking workers for their efforts.

He insisted that an investigation into the incident would continue. City officials have said it could have been caused by underground construction nearby.