Kiwi cameraman thrown in Mosul suicide blast

Kiwi cameraman thrown in Mosul suicide blast

Reporting in a warzone is always dangerous, but in Mosul it's been particularly bad as the Iraqi army tries to drive out Islamic State.

A 60 Minutes crew had a very narrow brush with death when a suicide bomber blew up a car outside the house they were staying in, and it was caught on camera.

The crew had just arrived with the Iraqi special forces and were told to take cover. Kiwi Scott Munro was part of the crew and had been aiming his camera through a gap in the curtains and through a window when the blast hit.

He was thrown backwards with the force of it and the curtain rail ripped from its support.

In video shared by the CBS show, journalist Lara Logan can be seen taking cover beside a couch as shots ring out, the Iraqis fighting back.

"We've counted three explosions so far," she says, incredibly calm amongst the chaos.

After the blast, which was forceful enough to blow out the windows in the building, all that was left of the car was twisted, darkened bits of metal strewn across the ground.

Six Iraqi soldiers were wounded in the attack, and the bomber died.