Protesters lash out at Donald Trump


The US is anything but united after Donald Trump was elected president on Tuesday night (local time).

After a highly divisive campaign, protests have broken out across the country, including targeting the buildings which bear the president-elect's name.


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Two police officers in Oakland, California, have been injured in the protests, according to a spokeswoman for the local police department.

Two squad cars were also damaged.

Officers in Oakland used tear gas against what witnesses insist was a peaceful protest, and local media reports they also used incendiary devices.


A tense stand-off between demonstrators and armed police officers in Los Angeles has seen the demonstrators assuming the "hands up, don't shoot" pose.

Officers dressed in riot gear are armed with batons and firearms, encouraging protesters to keep their distance to keep the protest peaceful.

"Lower your f****** weapons!" a protester yelled in response.

The lead officer in turn replied: "You may get injured" through a megaphone, while protesters chanted "peaceful protest" over and over.


Police have cleared Fifth Ave and Broadway in San Diego after more than 100 hundred demonstrators swarmed the area.

Twelve protesters were arrested when police donned riot gear.


Cars blocked in by protesters in LA have been tooting their horns in time to the chants in apparent support for the cause.

Protesters have been chanting "F*** Donald Trump!" and "Not my president!" and several cars have tooted their horns in time to the chanting.


The 101 Freeway in Los Angeles has been blocked by hundreds of demonstrators.

Highway patrol officers are clad in riot gear and have warned protesters they face arrest. In response, a number of them waved flags and chanted: "Hands up, don't shoot" - a chant made famous after unarmed black teen Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in 2014.

It's not yet known when the highway will be clear.


Anti-Trump protesters have taken over a major highway through downtown Los Angeles.


An unknown number of protesters have been arrested in Oakland after police forced an end to the demonstration.

There are reports police used incendiary devices against the protesters, as well as deploying tear gas.


Roads are blocked in Washington DC and a protester there has told Newshub's Patrick Gower she's disappointed to be an American.

"America voted for a president who supports sexual assault, sexually assaults women... We're going to elect someone who says [grab her by the p****]? Seriously?"


Police in Oakland have deployed tear gas against protesters, declaring it an "unlawful assembly".

Local media reports chaos broke out at the previously peaceful protests, with attendees throwing bottles, rocks and firecrackers at police officers.

Windows were smashed, fires were set in trash cans, and flags were burned in the street.

Riot police attended the scene and a demonstrator says the protest was broken up when police used "fear tactics" and threatened to harm or arrest those there.


This is the second night of protests to hit the US. Wednesday's protests have maintained the same common theme as those which took place overnight on Tuesday, immediately after Mr Trump's election: "Not my president".

In Portland traffic was stopped on a major highway, while people lit fires in the streets.


An effigy of Mr Trump has been burned in Los Angeles.

Protesters shouted "burn! Burn!" while others screamed and cheered.


Ralliers have swarmed New York City, turning out in droves to flood the city.

The protest is enormous - police estimate more than 10,000 people are in the crowd. At least 30 "out of control" protesters have been arrested and several streets around the Trump Tower had to be barricaded off.

At one point the crowd, including men, have been chanting "her body, her choice" - voicing their opposition to Mr Trump's election promise to defund Planned Parenthood.


A shooting near an anti-Trump rally in Seattle was not related to the demonstration, police say.

Five people were injured, one of them critically, when they were shot just before 7pm.

Police have denied reports the shooting was related to the protest.