Loyal customer creates drive-thru for US restaurant

  • 14/11/2016
Loyal customer creates drive-thru for US restaurant

A man was thrown clear out of his seat when a car smashed into a restaurant in the US.

At the height of Friday's lunch hour, Jimmy's Famous Beef and Seafood, in Danvers, Massachusetts, was incredibly busy.

Every booth by a window was occupied when one of the restaurant's regular customers stopped in.

"[I was] standing here taking an order, all of a sudden sounded like a big explosion," cashier Debby Martizio says.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment the restaurant was rocked.

One man was sitting by himself when the car came crashing in, jolting him right out of his seat.

According to Jimmy Diantgikis, the restaurant's owner, the woman behind the wheel was a long-time patron, going back to when the he first set up shop in 1967.

"She tried to stop the car, the car was rolling, the mat went underneath the brake pedal," he says.

It just so happened that particular panel of glass the woman crashed into had just been replaced by Mr Diantgikis just months ago.

He opted for safety glass.

"It probably saved the guy's life, because the old glass shattered like anything, you know," Mr Diantgikis says.

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