Men wrestle 10-foot python in Thailand

Eight local men captured a 10-foot long python (Getty)
Eight local men captured a 10-foot long python (Getty)

Footage has emerged of eight men wrestling a 10-foot python in Thailand.

The video, which has been viewed more than 30,000 times on YouTube, shows the men attempting to subdue the python with a stick.

In its agitated state, it repeatedly lashes out at the men. It took them several minutes to capture it.

The snake was spotted by a woman as she walked along the road in the Thai province of Najhon Nayok.

Local men responded to her reporting it, using their car lamps as search lights to find the snake.

One of the men told The Daily Sun that the snake "almost had the woman for her dinner".

"She was terrified and asked for help. So we caught the python and got the situation under control."

The snake was placed in a sack and released into the jungle, only a few miles down the highway.